Class descriptions for all styles at Delaware County Performing Arts

Our mission at Delaware County Performing Arts is to provide quality dance education for children and adults through a warm, friendly and nurturing environment. "Enhancing each student’s life through the performing arts".

There are many benefits of having your children attend dance classes. Dance contributes to increased personal alignment, flexibilty & stamina. At Delaware County Performing Arts we encourage children to open their minds & broaden their horizons towards a successful future.

Class Descriptions

3 & 4 year olds are instructed in pre-ballet, tap, movement, coordination & rhythm activities (45 mins).

Advanced Kinderdance:
For students who have completed the pre-school class; also for 5 year old beginners; teaching tap and ballet (1 hour).

Combination Class: (Elementary I & II)
6-10 year olds new and continuing students with prior experience are instructed in: ballet and tap, ballet and jazz, tap & hip-hop according to ability and experience (1 hour).

8 year olds & up. Classical ballet levels I through VI, Intermediate & Advanced. Classes of Modern are offered when a student has adequate strength & training. (1 hour & 1 1/2 hour classes based on level)

A class that offers jazz movement with a ballet influence. A ballet class must accompany this class.

Rhythmic movements in center and across the floor using tap shoes.

8 year olds & up. Barre and stretching exercises, body isolations & combinations (1 hour).

Street style dancing using the latest popular music & moves.